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Rats and the near death experience

A recent study has shown that rats have a surge of brainwave activity thirty seconds after cardiac arrest, at higher levels than when the rat is healthy. This finding has led scientists to believe that near death experiences in humans could be the result of this increased brain activity near to death. To read the … Continue reading

Peter Fenwick

Peter Fenwick in Stockholm. Peter is a neuropsychiatrist and near death experience researcher.

Interview with Pim van Lommel

Interview with Pim van Lommel

Interview with cardiologist and near death experience researcher, Pim Van Lommel. This interview was not carried out by The Big Consciousness. Part 1. Part 2.

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Welcome to The Big Consciousness

The Big Consciousness is a philosophical and scientific website which explores the theory that consciousness is the source of everything. A consciousness which existed before the big bang, indeed, a consciousness which enabled the big bang to happen in the first place. The big consciousness, therefore, is an alternative to the big bang theory. The … Continue reading

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